Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas from Angel McKenzie & Jason Dalton (& Lorraine Adair)

©2014 Call Of The Wild, Eugene Oregon. All Rights Reserved.

Angel and Jason took a big step this year. They sent out this photo card to their family and friends for the holidays. Don’t they look cute together?

Where’s David? Behind the camera, of course.

The 3d image was created in DAZ Studio and modified in Photoshop by Call Of The Wild. Like a photographer in a studio, “Angel” and “Jason” were posed, then arranged with props and a backdrop. “Jason” will be featured on the cover of the upcoming “Murder In Track Town,” a prequel to the Angel McKenzie Thriller series taking us back to 2008 as Jason takes on his first murder investigation. A new cover for Ambient Light will be available at the same time, featuring “Angel” and the “bad guy.”


  1. Love it! You are so talented! 😀

    • Thank you, Tamie.

      My background in photography really helped as I assembled various 3D objects created by a number of amazing people who know how to make the 3D models. A part of me would love to learn how to do that. Another part of me is shouting “No, no, no!” I’d never have time to write if fell down that rabbit hole. And I’ve got so many stories demanding to be told… 😉